My Story

Travel is my passion. Born to parents who loved to travel the world, my sister and I had passports when we were babies. We lived and traveled overseas as a family. Unlike many families traveling today who choose a country then ask where are good places to go with children, my parents chose their destination and we followed.
To be fair, the awe and privilege of visiting so many foreign countries was lost on us as children. But as an adult, I can say with certainty the impact on my life was profound. My passion for travel was born out of this history. My love of people and their stories, my love of adventure, my love of photography was born out of this history.
Though I travel with family and friends on occasion, traveling solo allows me the luxury to choose when, where, and how I will travel. And, that freedom is beautiful.
To date, I have lived and traveled to 54 countries and 6 continents and the list keeps growing.